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TweetStack 1.0.2 Screenshot

TweetStack 1.0.2 Screenshot

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TweetStack - 1.0.2

TweetStack 1.0.2 is currently under review by Apple! We hope that this will mean you can download the update mid-next week - but as ever, follow @TweetStack for up to the second information.

It is the general feeling at b1te HQ that we released TweetStack onto the App Store a little too early. We had hoped that people would see past the slightly rough edges, and focus on the innovative Stacks concept which is so powerful. We should have known better! Expectations for iPhone apps are huge - much higher than for desktop or web apps.

With this in mind we have worked around the clock to bring you TweetStack 1.0.2, which will hope will quickly address a number of problems/issues highlighted in the initial release.

Firstly, stability concerns have been addressed, including memory usage, crashing and bugs causing multiple accounts to merge. Tweets sent with non-standard characters like & or certain international characters are now supported. Also TwitPic uploads are now rotated to the correct orientation.

Secondly, speed has been increased by orders of magnitude. Its hard to compare this to Tweetie, because TweetStack refreshes *all* of your Stacks at once, but we believe speed is now vastly improved. Refreshes also run in the background, allowing use of the rest of the app whilst downloads occur.

Thirdly we have upgraded the UI. Bubbles are now shadowed, and spacing of tweets has been improved. The double tap gesture to edit a Stack has been removed, and replaced with a menu.

Finally we have simplified and automated the Stack upload function, with the result that any changes you make to your Stack configuration are now saved to the secure TweetStack cloud automatically.

A full list of changes can be found here.

We know that these changes will hugely improve the TweetStack experience for all users. Please let us know if you have any further feedback - either via @TweetStack, or on GetSatisfaction.

TweetStack will continue to be developed at high speed - look out for some really cool features in our 1.1 release - in conjuction with the community. Please do contribute if you would like to see features included that we havent thought about!

The TweetStack Team

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TweetStack press

A number of great articles have been written about TweetStack, including Mashable, iPhone in Canada and Whats on iPhone.

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TweetStack - release date!

TweetStack will be released on Friday the 10th of April, costing $2.99. Look out for some decent media coverage!

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TweetFollow icon - large style :)

TweetFollow icon - large style :)

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@TweetFollow & TweetFollow.com

We had a tricky start to the week, and it looked so promising!

The TweetFollow iPhone app was released onto the iPhone store on Thursday of last week, and started to pick up a bit of momentum - 100+ downloads per day, people enjoying the app, and some demos going round at SXSW.

Before release we made the decision to pick up the twitter account TweetFollow, but not bother overly about domain names. We did reserve TweetFollow.co.uk, and had some contact with the owner of TweetFollow.com regarding a purchase, but nothing was resolved.

Then, on Monday night, @AlohaArleen (female, pretty, 55k followers), tweeted:-

"BEWARE www.tweetfollow.com gives McAfee site advisor WARNING. Reported attack site Installs program 2 steal private info RT”

The owner of the site had obviously used the opportunity of an iPhone app release to redirect any traffic he picked up to a malware/phising site. Doh!

Bad enough, until Twitter Chinese Whispers took hold, and 100+ people had re-tweeted derivatives of:-

"RT AlohaArleen @mossinterest yesterday it was discovered that TweetFollow was the app that had the trojan! Not TweepMe. Investigate B4 U …"


Now, all publicity is supposed to be good publicity…but in this case I think there might be an exception.

Does anybody have a recommendation on what to do next? Should we re-brand and re-release the app in light of this?

One other point - this does highlight that you shouldn’t believe everything you read on Twitter. Its not that people dont have the best intentions, just that inaccuracies are possible. One up for BBC news in my book.

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http://twitpic.com/2567t - Using the TwitPic gallery feature of #TweetStack to keep up with #sxsw

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#TweetStack just hit 100 followers - thank you everybody!

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For those needing a fix - check out @TweetFollow - the little brother of @TweetStack - free on the app store today! #iPhone #twitter

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#TweetStack is getting great feedback from users. Everybody loves the search stacks and user groups. A first on the #iPhone!

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